Biggest Box Office Bombs

Biggest Box Office Bombs


Friday, September 14, 2012

The Apparition: Box Office Bomb

Todd Lincoln's The Apparition flopped at the movie box office. Movie distributor Warner Bros. decided to release the parapsychology movie on 810 movie locations. The movie closed movie doors to The Apparition, a paranormal movie that averaged $7,750 per location during the opening weekend, good enough to finish in second place. Releasing The Apparition on 810 movie locations pushed the movie backward, positioning it to finish outside of the top 10 movies. The Apparition is a major movie flop for a small production that should've doubled the budget in its domestic box office run.

We promoted The Apparition to give the supernatural movie a boost, albeit our influence is minimal as compared to major movie websites. The Apparition's second weekend box office excessively dropped below the 70% to mark the end of The Apparition movie box office run. In our honest opinion, The Apparition movie is a certified box office bomb.   

Ashley Greene gave her best performance beyond her Twilight movie roles as hot and likable Alice Cullen. Unfortunately, The Apparition is another knockoff of past horror movies that halted Ashley's rise to stardom. Ashley is a good actress that is extremely beautiful. She looked uncomfortable reciting Todd Lincoln's script lines. It is not her fault The Apparition movie flopped out of the gates. Ashley's Summer's Moon movie has a better plot than The Apparition.

How did The Apparition become a box office bomb?   

The Apparition trailer manipulates time and space to trick movie viewers into thinking Kelly (Ashley Greene) is part of the parapsychology experiment. There are obviously major plot problems that impacted the movie. We can't blame the movie locations as the source of the disaster. 

Paranormal Activity 4 is projected to earn $44 million in its weekend, which is a paranormal movie shot in one location. The Possession performed rather well to finish number #1 at the movie box office two weeks in a row. Shooting the movie between Santa Clarita, Valencia, and Palmdale slows down the movie. We feel the characters are part of a film school project rather than a $17 million production.   

The Apparition lacks good execution. Todd Lincoln is too inexperienced to make The Apparition movie a hit. If The Apparition movie reached box office projections of $14 million for the opening weekend and $33 million overall, Lincoln would have been viewed as a success. 

Lincoln's previous filmography connects him to low-budget films such as Leave Luck to Heaven, Judy and Mary: Lucky Pool (music video), The Honey Pot (1998) and Xavier (1998). This director/writer lacks the film experience to run a movie production that cost $17 million. The Apparition collected only $4.7 million in the domestic box office. There is a good shot The Apparition can make another $13 million overseas to make back the production budget.    

Another drawback to The Apparition is the cheesy cliche dialogue exchanged between Kelly and Ben (Sebastian Stan). Todd Lincoln wrote The Apparition script. He overemphasized on Ben and Kelly's relationship. We don't need recurring plot explanations to establish the two young adults are together. 

The cheap thrills that bite off another bad movie like Pulse is not the way to go. Showing the moviegoer a stranger mold does nothing to scare them. Another problem area is the attempting to scare the audience with a Grudge movie trick (i.e. the washer dryer scene with girl crawling out). Paranormal Activity is also involved in The Apparition movie disaster. We see an entity knock down the camera, movie around in the home, and leave behind evidence to explain the house haunting.

The Apparition never makes you jump. As we delved further into The Apparition, we realized the movie is poorly executed and grossly mishandled. However, I would trade places with Todd Lincoln to have The Apparition movie on my filmography. Negative press is better than no press. I'm confident Todd Lincoln will make adjustments to write/direct a better movie.

For now, The Apparition movie is a good film school project lesson to teach film students what not to do. Moviegoers are smarter than we think. They are no longer the average movie audience we can trick. We admit we got duped into watching The Cabin in the Woods movie. The movie trailer manipulated the plot to pass movie off as a Saw production. The Apparition is a horror movie knockoff with little originality. 

Todd Lincoln had creative control to write and direct a better movie. He should have focused on parapsychology, opening magic doors to convey the supernatural discussion we crave as ghost and horror movie fans. However, parapsychology is lost in the shuffle as are the actors trying their best to make The Apparition into a box office success.

The Apparition is a certified as a horror movie box office flop. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sucker Punch Box Office Disappointment

Sucker Punch is a metaphysical movie about institutionalized girls who escape the mental institute through astral projecting into a fantasy world to defeat their demons. Sucker Punch cost an estimated $82 million to make.

Sucker Punch is a metaphysical movie about institutionalized girls who psychologically escape the mental institute through astral projecting into a fantasy world to defeat their demons. Sucker Punch cost an estimated $82 million to make. The girl-powered movie scored an estimated $36.4 million in the domestic box office.

Sucker Punch was released in the box office on March 25, 2011, making an estimated $19.1 million in its first weekend. The fantasy movie fell short of making back the production budget in the U.S. box office. The estimated box office results totaled $36.4 million. The movie lasted nearly two months in the domestic box office.

The metaphysical movie exhausted millions on special effects. Hence, the fantasy sequences relied on visually stunning imaginary to advance the movie to the next level. Most mainstream moviegoers probably lost track of the plot during Baby Doll's dance sequences.

Sucker Punch incorporated an emotional structure in the plot to entertain the movie audience. A movie about mentally incapacitated girls would be rather boring, so dividing the plot points into missions added another dimension to the theme. In essence, the girl-powered Sucker Punch movie's excessive production budget of $82 million fell short of the projected box office earnings, instead generating an estimated $36.4 million.      

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Savages survives in movie box office

Surprisingly enough, Savages will beat out Magic Mike to finish 4th place in the movie box office to downplay the box office flop label. A deep marketing campaign propelled Savages above the $13 million projections to reach $16 million.

Savages is no movie flop. We expected the action movie to finish in 5th or 6th place. A 4th place finish in a competitive weekend is respectable.

The movie cast of established performers helped Mr. Box Office Flop 2012 to avoid another poor showing. In the weeks to come, we can expect Savages to slow down.

Savages is projected to finish in 4th place, a spot ahead of Magic Mike. Good job Savages. The Savages movie is now off the box office bomb watch list.

Savages makes the cut.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Savages movie: Box Office Bomb clock is ticking away

Savages advertising is rotating across the web. We hope to see Savages not end up on Box Office Bombs list. Taylor Kitsch is having a terrible string of box office flops. In our opinion, Taylor can't afford another one of his movie to tank again. We don't see why everyone is blaming the competition for his box office bombs rather than the poor movie roles. Savages is another overrated movie with washed-up movie stars.

With the exception of Blake Lively, we just don't see Selma Hayek as an antagonist. She is too hot to be bad. The "Sexy" movie slogan planted on the movie trailer is coming from Selma. As for Leo's main squeeze Blake, she is a good actress. Amanda Heard and Blake Lively are two fine blondes.

Brilliant plot! The Gossip Girls' actress is playing two guys at once. The two guys decide to go out like savages to rescue this two timing bimbo. We know if we were getting played by one chick, then a Saw 3D would happen! (see opening scene) 

In any case, the Savages movie needs your help. Go out and watch Savages this weekend to help Taylor drop the flop. We expect Amazing Spiderman to squash the competition. If Savages fails to perform, maybe the finger pointing should go in Taylor Kitsch's direction. In sports, Taylor would get demoted back to the minor leagues. Performance is everything, especially in a Hollywood movie world that relies on box office winners to remain operable. 

Savages will probably under perform as did Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. It will take more than washed up movie stars, Oliver Stone, and overrated Taylor Kitsch to propel Savages up to the second place box office position. According to, Savages is projected to earn $13 million this opening weekend and $45 million overall. We agree with the projections, though the box office numbers may be far less. 

Keep serving up the Savages movie trailers. Taylor Kitsch needs your help. We know that movie studios can't afford another box office flop. Disney and NBC/Universal invested too much to score major movie flops with John Carter and Battleship. Most great actors would not accept two science fiction roles and a crime thriller that is a Traffic knockoff. 

Good luck Mr. Taylor Kitsch. May Selma, John, Blake, and Benicio end your string of box office flops. 

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mr. Box Office Flop 2012: Taylor Kitsch in review

Taylor Kitsch is shaping up to become Mr. Box Office Flop for 2012. John Carter is a certified box office bomb. Battleship is a major box office flop. The box office bomb meter is zeroing in on Savages. Will Taylor Kitsch prove naysayers wrong with a strong performance in the graveyard of former good actors movie - Savages?

According to IMDb, Taylor Kitsch completed 13 roles. Disney casted Taylor to carry their $250 million John Carter production. The film tanked, earning $73 million in domestic ticket sales and another $106 million in international ticket sales. John Carter scored $179 million in worldwide ticket sales. 

Battleship is a major box office flop. On IMDb and Box Office Mojo, the U.S. box office earnings put the movie at $25.5 million. The CEO of Comcast referred to Battleship as a box office bomb. The $209 million production budget does not bode well for NBC/Universal. However, Universal Studios will make monster ticket sales in The Fast and the Furious 6. We guarantee it! 

Should we blame poor box office performances on bad writing? Movie trailers? According to The Movie Blog, the comments suggest that a fan made movie trailer could have saved John Carter. Do this movie fans understand movie marketing? Are they really this naive? Nothing would have saved John Carter from tanking except casting an established actor. Taylor is far from a superstar. 

Savages will prove to be the last test of 2012. If Savages is upside down in ticket sales, don't expect Taylor to be starring in three movies next year. We have established film professionals writing and directing these movies. Either the stories are terrible, or we can look at miscasting the wrong actor to lead a high production as the destruction of a potentially good movie. 

We won't attempt to watch John Carter and Battleship. The two movies don't interest us at all. We welcome anyone that is interested in writing a spoiler and a film ending on our other websites. Leave your gmail address in the comment section below. We will give you access to a few spoiler and ending websites we run. In our opinion, the box office numbers tell the true tale. 

Taylor Kitsch lacks the experience to carry a large production. IMO, his acting resume is shaping up to be a disaster in 2012. Savages will either be a hit or a miss. Taylor surely needs a hit to wash out the bad taste in the two box office flops in John Carter and Battleship. 

Mr. Box Office Flop: Taylor Kitsch 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Battleship is a Box Office Bomb!

What is going on with Battleship? Who gave the green light to launch this disaster movie? According to IMDb, Battleship's production budget reached $209 million. In 3 weeks of wide release,  Battleship has earned $55.4 million in total ticket sales. The upside down earnings certify Battleship as a box office bomb. Hopefully, the international box office shows more support for the alien invasion movie. Battleship is a box office bomb!

John Carter obviously is working overtime to break even. Two months ago, Disney expected to deliver a blockbuster with their John Carter movie. Who really knows what went wrong. identified the movie trailer as the culprit, which a staff writer and commenters there blamed for leaving out important plot points to tell the storyline.

Thus, the movie trailer compromised the storyline. Somehow, movie fans never gravitated toward the movie. Many adolescents identified the movie as dumb. John Carter has earned $179.3 million in the worldwide box office to bring the movie closer, bridging the production budget gap of $250 million - $70.7 million deficit.  John Carter is available on DVD. We haven't watched the movie yet, so we can't make the determination whether the poor marketing resulted in the box office failure.

Battleship needs a major boost, already proving to be a major box office flop. According to, Chairman of Comcast Brian Roberts admitted Battleship as a box office flop which has a negative impact on NBC/Universal, the television and movie company Comcast publicly owns (full story here). We don't see Battleship remaining in the top 10 after this weekend. In a month, this movie looks to be a major failure.

No disrespect to John Carter lead actor Taylor Kitsch, but this Snakes on a Plane actor somehow is involved in two box office bombs in the same year, while superstar Channing Tatum is having an awesome year with The Vow, 21 Jump Street, and upcoming movies G.I. Joe and Magic Mike. The two actors are on the opposite side of the movie road.

Taylor Kitsch has one more shot to make an impact in 2012. Savages is due to be released in movie theaters on July 6, 2012. To be honest, chances are that Savages may land Taylor another flop on his resume. Third time is a charm. Hopefully, Kitsch breaks the losing streak in Savages.

The box office revelation is a clear sign, avoid making Martians and Aliens near Earth. The movies are obviously a major miss in the movie box office. According to IMDb, Taylor is in the running to land a major role in the Hunger Games sequel. Will the Friday Night Lights television star recover with his upcoming Savages (2012) and Lone Survivor movies? The box office will deliver the real results, test the actor's Hollywood star power.

What is the lesson here? Alien movies near Earth are risky productions (i.e. John Carter and Battleship). On the contrary, an alien movie such as Prometheus will become a major box office success. The movie business is a tough industry that relies on major hits. No movie studio wants to be connected to a box office bomb.

Battleship is a certified box office bomb!